Not a Fixed State
Sustainable Selling is not a fixed state of harmony but rather an evolving process in which the application of sales resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are balanced with future as well as present needs.

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Everybody lives by selling something
At Barrett, we know this to be true. Whether we call ourselves a salesperson or not, if we have an idea, product, service, skill, talent, or opportunity that we can offer to other people, we need to be able to sell.

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The new competition
The nice word we have all come to know; collaboration, will over the coming years become the new competition. International markets are crying out for collaboration as innovation and differentiation become scarce in a sea of commoditised products and services.

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Welcome To Barrett Research

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image The Technical Arm:

Barrett Research was born out of Barrett Pty Ltd which has been creating a wide range of training programs, online training and modules, processes, tools, questionnaires, and practical resources for sales and service people and managers since 1995.

Using world’s best practice we conduct Australian based research and cross reference this with the latest international research on sales, service, management, team and workplace performance in relation to all of our tools, processes and programs.

Our Vision: To produce and provide access to Best Practice 21st Century Sales Methodologies, Tools, Processes, Courseware and Transformation Technologies to positively transform the way Sales Mastery is selected for, taught, developed, measured and managed in 50,000 organisations by 2020.

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image Our expertise is based on:

We conduct Australian based research and cross reference with latest international research on sales, service, management, team and workplace performance in relation to tools, processes and programs offered.

  • We use a competency based approach that leads to observable behaviour change at all levels within organisations.
  • We use a commercial, scientific and evidence based approach that supports a holistic business performance culture.
  • Extensive formal education and work experience in the development of competency profiling, benchmarking and selection processes with particular expertise in the sales and sales leadership disciplines.
  • Our consultants, coaches and trainers all have industry based commercial sales and HR experience with relevant industry-recognised qualifications.  All BARRETT consultants have been successful in contemporary business, not merely academia. This mix of current management thinking and real world experience enables us to understand and relate to managers’ issues from a practical perspective.
  • We have an extensive track record of developing employee sales, service and management skills, knowledge and attributes within a diverse range of organisations.
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go-out-on-a-limb The 21st Century Sales Specialists

At no other time in the history of the sales profession have we witnessed such dramatic shifts in how we do business - products are replicated in minutes, people are more informed, the world is interconnected like never before and clients want to interact with 'business people' who can sell and think about possibility.

Clients are looking for partners to assist them map a pathway forward into the future. They recognise that true value lies, not in a product, but in the collaboration of ideas. However too many sales teams are stuck in the 20th Century with a 'Product Mindset' and so are many of our competitors.

Barrett are specialists in 21st century Sales Culture, Capability, and Continuous Learning and focus on helping sales leaders and professionals achieve Sales Mastery in a modern and evolved world.

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image We are different:

Barrett is not just a sales training provider - we are an end-to-end (sales) consulting practice with a prominent reputation in the Australian market as trusted experts, a coaching (sales coaching) firm and advisors in creating high performing, sustainable people and teams.

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image Thought Leaders:

Thought Leaders in 21st century sales trainingsales coachingsales consultingsales coaching, sales capability and sales culture we are your first and best reference when it comes to forging out a successful career as a competent sales professional.


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image To Be Bold:

Our Vision is to positively transform the lives of leaders and teams in 50,000 businesses by 2020 by developing 21st Century Sales Mastery through Culture, Capability and Continuous Learning.

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